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  • Nicole Wood

    Specific examples of why you should hire Jessica Evans. I truly can’t say enough good things about Jessica! When choosing a buyers’ agent, we wanted a veteran who really knew Walnut Creek and surrounding areas and had built-in relationships with other agents. But we also wanted someone who was young, motivated and energetic. We found in Jessica a unicorn blend of a high-energy go-getter with the warmth of a friend, coupled with a lifetime in the area and the deep network that comes from real estate being a family business. In a telling sign, our relationship began as such: I called her up and said, “We’ll probably buy the house we are renting, and we’ve agreed to forgo using a buyers’ agent to cut costs. But on the off chance that we can’t make a deal, we’d love to see what’s out there.” I actually felt too badly to ask if she could still help us; luckily, she offered. From that day forward, she serviced us as if she was 100 percent selling us a multimillion-dollar home (vs. a moderately priced one, or quite possibly nothing at all). At one point, we considered buying a lot and building a prefab (translation: she would only get a much-smaller commission on the lot purchase). Not only did she not flinch, but she also did meticulous research on prefab companies, collated the research and presented it to me in an organized summary. In addition to these bold displays of integrity and goodwill, Jessica:

    -Tapped her connections to get rough contractor estimates at moment’s notice at one point, she searched the internet (and miraculously found!) an example of a similar floor plan post-wall-removal to help us make a more informed decision.

    -Made herself available even within our very tight schedule and her own.

    -Responded nearly immediately to communications.

    -Served not only as a realtor but as a therapist and consultant on the sale of our Los Angeles home, of which she would not make a dime.

    -Summarized purchase documents for me in writing, simply because I hate reading them.

    -Seemingly knew everything about anything even marginally related to the sale, purchase, rental or remodel of a house. (Can you remove an in-ground pool? Jessica knew and even had a resource, an average price and an explanation about the two avenues to choose from.)

    If the above doesn’t convince you of Jessica’s responsiveness, work ethic, industry expertise, and passion for helping clients, I’ll conclude with this: Much of the above occurred when she was nine months pregnant! In fact, she continued to follow up on negotiating an early release from our rental agreement (not even her job) a few days after giving birth. Thanks to Jessica and her partner, Steve, our anxiety was minimized and our options maximized. Due to her adeptness in negotiating us as a backup offer, we ended up purchasing a house we couldn’t have dreamed possible!

  • Shiva Jones

    I had a truly wonderful experience looking for a home with Jessica Evans and Ridge Real Estate. Jessica was super professional and knowledgeable about all things real estate and more importantly for me, about all the areas in the east bay. She met me, sometimes on a moments notice, and always came fully prepared with information on each house. I never felt any pressure to purchase a home. Jessica made me feel like I didn't need to sacrifice the things I truly wanted in a home. She made sure I was aware of all aspects of home whether good or bad. She was 100% transparent during the entire process. Her style of transacting is to give her clients all the information to help them make the best decision without pushing them in one way or another. In addition to being a great agent, she's also a great listener. I was pretty scattered in my idea of what I wanted in a house. Jessica really helped me focus on what was important to me in a home, ultimately leading me to my perfect townhome! I can't say enough good things. I had an amazing experience working with Jessica. I trust her completely and will absolutely work with her again!

  • Don Hawker

    Steve Ridge and his family partners are much more than extremely experienced and competent realtors, they have become great friends. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for a top-notch realtor.

  • Michael Albertson

    Couldn't be happier in our new home. Thanks to the great Ridge team showing us many properties until finding the perfect place. I will definitely recommend to others looking to buy or sell.

  • John Fisher

    Steve Jessica and their wealth of a network in the industry have been a pleasure to work with. I first met Steve in 2013 after a good friend recommended him. Since then, I have bought two properties and sold one through Steve and his daughter. Steve is very well connected and a straight shooter. I did what he recommended and everything went great. When I sold in 2018, Steve was instrumental in setting up the Compass concierge service (highly recommend), connecting me to his people in getting my house in shape for showings. My house in Concord sold in less than a month. When I needed to buy again in 2020, Steve was able to connect with the listing agent and estimate the exact figure needed to get the property. When I would attend open houses, agents would of course inquire if I had an agent. When I mentioned Steve Ridge and Jessica, agents know them and also say things like "oh you are in good hands." Go with a pro like Steve, listen to his recommendations, and have fun! Steve is an easygoing guy who knows his stuff, and Jessica is so on top of her game too. Thanks to Ridge Real Estate Group and wishing you all more continued success!

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